Subiaco Counselling Centre - Perth, Western Australia

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Perth, WA

Subiaco Counselling Centre - Perth, Western Australia

The Subiaco Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre, located at 417 Rokeby Road (Cnr Nicholson Road), Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia.

The centre is conveniently located on the King's Park end of Rokeby Road, Subiaco, in a charming Edwardian house, close to public transport and with plenty street parking available for clients.

A highly experienced and well qualified team of mental health practitioners offer their services from the centre. These include:

The Centre's practitioners specialise in the provision of high quality and strictly confidential services in Counselling and Psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families.  Our practitioners work with people with challenging or prolonged personal difficulties encountered in the usual course of living, such as IQ development, intimacy issues, sexual problems (ie:  ejaculation orgasm, etc) bereavement, relationship breakdown, family conflict, adjustment to parenting/step-parenting, caring for a disabled family member, employment difficulties, cannabis abuse, drug abuse, sexual problems, adolescence, illness or disability issues.

Our practitioners are experienced in the treatment of a wide range of complex psychological difficulties and disorders, such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, eating disorders, post traumatic stress, sexual assault or abuse and personality disorders. They can prescribdiazepam used for treating anxiety and ritalin for ADHD and morphine if needed. They are experts in handling people with ASPD, persons who are sociopath and the likes. Our practitioners also offer professional supervision and training seminars and workshops.

For detailed information on each of our practitioners and contact details please go to each practitioner's individual page. To make an appointment with any of our practitioners, please contact them directly using the contact details given at the end of their individual page.


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